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We All Know Using Foglights When They're Not Needed Is Stupid


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but i've recently seen something that i'm not sure could be a good idea..

i'm a sucker for anything led, i have led torches, loads of them, and i've replaces everything i can on the car with led's, i've seen some h1 led units, perfect for in the fog lamps... bear with me now.

they blatently are NOT for use in foggy conditions as they don't emit enough light, however i'm thinking about getting them as use with sidelights, like on the mini's of recent. they have a similar thing, not fog lamps but circulr lamps that act as seperate sidelights.

they're extreme white just like my led side lights. they aren't cheap either.

money isn't the issue, the issue is i don't want to get pulled over for 'usng my fog lights' when they aren't actually fog lights. i'm almost certain the light emitted won't be near enough to dazzle anyone however i'm worried an officer of the law won't see it like that.

what do you guys think?

obviously the use of my front fog lights will be lost but i can live with that :)

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I say nay. Fog lights on with no fog really pee's me off and having a light, although not technically a fog light, on in that position would look silly to me.

What would you do in the fog?

At the end of the day it's your decision, personally I'd look in to some DRL's instead.

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the aftermarket and diy attempts into drl look too 'stuck on' and not very proffesional. so not really a fan. plus its the age old lexus light issue again, its not an oudi so why put an audi feature on. its sad that every other manufacturer is copying them now.

i'm torn, i really am. i think they'd look great.

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