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Urgent Dpf Problem. Please Help!


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Hello! :)

I have a DPF filter that is blocked and needs replacing and currently have an ongoing court case with the dealer I purchased the car from. I have been advised by a qualified mechanic (who is also a good friend) that they are part(s) that need to be purchased and fitted by a main Ford dealer and that cheaper versions of the part(s) are not recommended. In fact, most local mechanics won't touch it.

The dealer I bought the car from has at last accepted that it is their responsibility to replace the part(s) and repair the vehicle but I think they will do it as cheaply as possible (ie. a bodge job). I think they saw me coming when I bought it but never expected this long blonde haired girl to have a brain!!

The car is currently in London (where it broke down) and the dealer is in Wales. They want to come and collect the car to do the repairs. I am worried as I don't trust the dealer with the repair after they sold me a dodgy car. I think there are certainly other issues with the car as well apart from the DPF, which will be found once the DPF has been replaced, the car is roadworthy again and a full vehicle safety check has been carried out.

Please help! Is anyone able to confirm with good reasons why it is recommended that the part(s) are purchased from a Ford Dealer and not to purchase cheaper part(s) that are poorer quality? In fact, I would be very grateful for any advice or opinions. I've won the court case even though it is still ongoing because the dealer has accepted responsibility, I just need some good info about the different types of DPF's and their quality so that I know the job is going to be done properly.

Thank you very much for your time!

Miss Andree :)

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Well in an ideal world, you could hope for a Ford supplied and fitted DPF replacement. But I doubt there is any legally binding stipulation within the Sale of Goods Act, that stipulates the dealer has to fit one. The part in question is part of the exhaust system, and the job of replacing it is hardly rocket science. Obviously it would also require the fuel additive reservoir refilling, coupled with a dealer system reset. I suspect the dealer would most likely opt to renew the DPF himself, and have the Eloys additive and reset undertaken by a Ford Main dealer. And I suspect like Volvo's you could get any Ford dealer to verify if a franchised dealer had indeed done the Eloys top up and reset.

Now whilst I can understand you have totally lost all faith in the dealer. The question of which is better, the Ford supplied and fitted part or the alternative, whilst worthy of debate,is not actually relevant to the situation in hand. What I'm saying is you cannot force him to fit genuine Ford parts, or have the fitting of same undertaken by a Ford dealer.

Not the answer your looking for I know, but that's the reality your confronted with.

As I tend to buy for cash four year old cars, the more I read of the failings of Diesel Particulate Filters, and Dual Mass Flywheels. The more I congratulate myself for making the concious decision to go back to a petrol engined Focus, before I had negative experiences of either.

PS: by the way welcome to the forum

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You're such a star, thank you so much! That info is very helpful indeed, I really appreciate it.

I'm not fussy about where the part comes from really, I just want the repair done properly. I can ask for some sort of guarantee/receipt for the part and request that the Eloys top-up and reset is done by a Ford dealer. I think that's fair enough as the £1,200 estimate (without labour) that I got for the DPF from Ford when you can get it for as little as £400 (so I've read in these forums) is a bit of a rip-off. Same with everything really isn't it?

I don't want it to cost the dealer an arm and a leg so I think letting them purchase the part themselves is fair and as long as Ford have some sort of involvement in it, I'm happy with that. When you don't know about cars, you just need other people's experiences, thoughts and opinions for peace of mind.

I understand what you're saying about having a diesel car, in future I think I'll stick to petrol ones as well! I will certainly consider changing this one again shortly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :D :D

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Glad I could be of assistance Miss Andree.

That's the beauty of the internet, helping others and being helped in return. I was totally ignorant of DPF's when I bought my Volvo S40 2.0D SE. I just thought better fuel economy, and that much extra engine torque...fantastic. Got to say I never had an issue with mine in the nine months I had it, and most people don't I believe. But I know one guy who has gone through three Dual Mass Flywheels in a Ford Focus estate, towing caravans, they don't like it. So never mind DPF's stay clear of second hand Focus TDCi's with a tow bar on them :o Anyway I thought with my low annual mileage and the wife hankering to be back in a Focus.......

So here I am back in a Focus 1.6, OK I get 7 miles less to the gallon, and it's not got the power of the 2.0 turbo diesel. But every thing else about it in the repairs and renewal departments is so much cheaper. For instance it's just had its annual service and MOT done. I supplied the oil as my mechanic does not stock the 5W30 Ford spec'd oil. So including the oil, the service and the MOT the total cost was £122.39. Ball park same again next year, then the year after that it will require a "major service" ......which means same again but putting £10 to £15 worth of new spark plugs in it.

The miles covered on the dash has just flip over to 38k, and as my last Focus did 79k on the original clutch. I'm not expecting and big repair bills to creep up on me any time soon. In fact I'm expecting my first biggy bill will be in three years time when the cam belt is due replacement, which is circa £250 at to days money at a main dealer....... so all in all nice cheap motoring

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