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Slightly Rough Running


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On the way home from work tonight the car (mk7 Econetic) started running a bit rough i.e. seemed a bit hesitant on steady throttle, this was as i came into a 30mph and slowed down. Setting off from the lights it accelerated fine but once at 30 in 4th it just wasn't as smooth as had been, when i got home i noticed the engine fan was on and as it wasn't even a warm afternoon i thought it odd. The car ran fine at 60mph just before slowing down.

A quick bit on my driving style. As it's an Econetic i try and get best mpg, i don't tear away from lights stick to 60 in a 60 zone 50 in a 50 etc. and am wondering if this is causing the prob, i tend to be light with the right foot and seem to feather i.e. on and off with little touches, maybe it needs a hard throttle now and then to blow out the cobwebs as it were?.

My commute is 45miles across country at a steadyish 60mph.

Also running on Morrisons deisel, it's the closest garage to me and i get £5 off my shopping with enough points ;) wondering if the fuel could be causing probs?

Any thoughts??

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