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Handbrake Gaiter


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My gf has brought a new Fiesta 1.4 3Dr Titanium Individual in Hot Magenta.

Its very nice and much better interior than my 1.4 5Dr Titanuim!

One thing I noticed was the nicer handbrake. Chunky hand grip and leather gaiter instead of the cheap black plastic Ive got.

Any way to get this on mine?

Also her exhaust sounds better than mine, mine sounds like a hairdryer when going, her sound a bit meatier lol :(

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Or, you remove it from her car and fit it in yours. I can't see the relationship lasting, though. :-)

There must be aftermarket ones?

doesnt seem to be anyone who makes one yet. i've found a guy who will make me one (and then start selling them) but he needs the existing plastic one as a template - havent managed to remove it as yet!

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