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56 Mondeo

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Hi I am new to the site but wondered if this is a common problem.

I have an October 2006 Mondeo 2.0 Diesel, when driving along I noticed the speedo, Rev counter and temp gauge had stopped and 4 warning lights were showing, (outside freezing, battery, diesel preheat and engine management lights), also the digital displays show dashes only.

I stopped, restarted the engine, all returned to normal.

A week later there was a repeat of that, now it has done it again and will not return to normal.

It does not affect the running of the car at all.

I have booked it in to my local Ford dealer, they say though they have never heard of this problem, I pointed out they had a similar problem with older Focus models, they grudgingly agreed but said that this was a different problem.

Has anyone heard of this before or is it just one of those things.

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