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Fiesta Heater Blower Dead


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Fiesta 1.3 Flight 2001

I've seen other threads that state the blower works on one particular setting etc but nothing about it not working at all, so...

The blower is completely dead so I changed the fuse, but no joy.

Info I've gathered so far is to try: -

1 - Unplug the motor and blower to see if they are seized from a water leak or general 'crap' from a blocked pollen filter, and clean and lubricate as necessary. Are the motor and blower part of the same unit?? and where is it located, engine bay and/or passenger footwell?

2 - Clean any connections, especially the earth and check wire integrity

3 - Resistor packs are only to fix certain speeds not working, so therefore doesn't apply?

Is there anything else I'm missing or is this about all it could be?

Many thanks,


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