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Hi chaps! Stumbled across this forum when I was looking for ways to disable ABS/ESP for the crappy weather conditions a lot of us are experiencing right now! Lots of nice fiesta's on here so hopefully I can mingle with the folk and pick up some good simple mod ideas!

I'm also interested as to if there are any Fiesta owners in and around my area (Blackburn, th'up in Lancashire!)... The reason is, and to completely avoid beating around the bush, I've recently got my poor Zetec S back from a body repair shop after an accident (pre winter conditions might I add). It's a long story that has seen me without my car for 4 weeks, but I've got him back now, though I feel maybe something isn't quite right!

As I've been driving a new polo courtesy in the meantime, I don't know whether its me being used to the polo, or that my car is indeed not restored back to original condition, but my clutch seems a bit slow to come back up, and my Steering feels a bit too heavy and counter steering input when driving in normal slow conditions!

If anyone is in and around my area, I'd love to meet up some I can compare with someone else and get a good basis! Sadly I have no one I know who has a new Fiesta!

So if anyone could do me the massive favour that'd be great, if no one is in the area, I'll just look forward to generally hanging around the message board and partaking in discussion!


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A shameless bump- I'm quite desperate to get in touch with another Zetec S owners in the area! I'm currently going back and forth between insurer, repairer, and Ford, trying to resolve this!

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