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All Change On The New Car!

mark t

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So there I was getting an un reg'd sea grey titanium X S, and went today to sign for it, and put a deposit down, unfortunately, they didn't have it, and had to get it from those what did.

That was this morning....

This afternoon, I gets a call, and......it was sold half an hour before I bought it!

So 2 others were on the options

1 in Frozen White

2 in hot mangenta

So now going to have Titanium X S in White, with.....well, just parking sensors, as the usb and esp I got before are now standard!

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I gain new car, it was for the same price as I pay now, but then I added the G3 glasscoat, and gap insurance, always useful, and it came out a little more, but now that it'll be cheaper for the car.....I dunno as yet!

But just a question you 'S' peeps, how do I affix the 'S' to the grill?

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Why can't all Ford Dealers talk to each other?

We have 3, Stoneacre York, Lawtons of Tadcaster, and Benfield of Leeds.

Now the Titanium is at benfield (not necessary at Leeds) along with the original Sea Grey, which from talking with a second chap, isn't sold.

In the Stoneacre stock there is a White, fully loaded Zetec S with the blue pack inside and the leather pack, with all the bells and whistles. He is going to see if I can have the ambient lighting and the gear knob and sills put in as well, if the titanium falls through.

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They won't talk to each other because they are a different company even though they all Ford. They are all against each other. They only talk if they want a dealer transfer witch unless you want a ka or focus they answer from the dealer where the car is is no

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