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Faulty Egr Valve?


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My engine light came on on Christmas eve, and the power is down. I took it to the dealer today, they said the codes were showing an EGR fault, they cleared the codes and i drove it home. They are quoting about £250 for a new valve and £3~4 for the clamp and gasket, plus £45 ish to fit and £30 to program it.

On the drive home the power is still down and the light has come back on.

I have several questions.

First can you clean this valve or is it only fixable by replacement?

Secondly does it have to be programmed, and if it does as i intend to fit the new valve if i have to fit a new one can you drive it before it is programed?

Thirdly any recommendations on pattern parts as i can't afford £250 right now.

Lastly what OBDII code reader do you recommend as i intend to buy one to stop having to pay the dealer.

Thanks in advance.


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