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Please Help Scratched Paintwork


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Right long story but I am not best pleased.

Firstly I am aware it was my fault for not moving the bin but anyway, to cut a long story short our idiot neighbours who have to put their wheeliebins infront of house for collection put their bins within an inch of my car leaving barely any room to manouver when I came to go to work at 5am and I reversed into one of the bins, at very slow speed but damage was done :angry: :(

Poor photos but see below.



What is the best course of action? Its only a small patch thank god, I have an electric polisher (or whatever they're called!) so any tips of if i should use this / what products to use (t-cut?!) and should i buy a panther black touch up paint?

Sorry to sound like a n00b but its all new to me!


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