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Most Diesel cars nowadays can get to about 250,000 miles (and beyond) without trouble, As for petrol I would expect they arent too different.

I have heard rumours of cars around the 2000 mark, that have reached to 200,000. Some cards like Toyota apparently have reached 350!

It all depends on how much care you take, and bare in mind, that if you dont want to run the risk, theres always the option of buying an engine with less mileage! Guy at my work bought a 1.8 or 2.0 KA engine (cant quite remember) from a scrappy where the car was written off for a shunt in the boot! only cost him couple hundred quid and the mileage on the car was less than a quarted what he had!

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If you make sure the car is serviced and maintained properly it will go on for ages. At 144k its far from the end of its life. My last car was scrapped at nearly 200k (1.6 petrol)only because it failed its MOT due to its bodywork crumbling away, mechanically it probably had another 50-75k easily left in it. The petrol engine in your car is relatively simple and longgevity should not be a problem.

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