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Focus 1.8 Zetec Sticking At 3200Rpm And Not Returning To Normal Idle - Help!!!

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I am havig trouble with my focus and hope this is a common problem and has a straight forward fix!

The revs are sticking. From 2000 rpm upwards it tends to stick. It especially loves hanging at exactly 3200RPM.

It tends to do it more upon first 10 mins of startup but does continue to do it all the time and will happen a few times on every journey. For example its allmost like having cruise control on when driving to work on the motorway sometimes!!!

I have replaced the idle control valve..... No change.

I have checked the throttle cable.... this is not sticking.

The throttle body is fine.

All vacuum hoses on the inlet manifold are fine and connected... infact one was obviously replaced before i bought the car.

I removed the throttle position sensor a few days ago and it allmost iradicated the problem.

Obviously by removing the TPS the idle was terrible but the revs allmost completely stoped sticking. With the TPS disconnected it it was 99% better but did stick once or twice in the last few days. had it not i would have just bought a new tps and expected it to solve the problem, but obviously seing as it still sticks the odd time its obviously not the TPS at fault so no point in replacing.

Has anyone experienced this problem and if so what was the fix?

Before someone suggests fitting a new speed sensor, I cant see how this would fix it as it happens stationary or on the move.

Im tempted to fit an entire new intake manifold but really dont want to as im very stuck for cash at the moment.

Any constructive help would be muchos grandes appreciated!



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