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Electric Windscreen Problem


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Hi all

My second post on here having purchased a 55plate 1.6 tdci (110) ghia a few days ago!

Very icy windscreen this morning so turned on the electic windscreen to de-ice things and it only work on half the windscreen, annoyingly the passenger side!

Anyone come across this before and know what is involved in sorting it? New Windscreen or is it easier/cheaper than this to sort?

Spoke to the dealer who I bought it from (Diesels Direct in Halesworth, Suffolk) and am waiting for them to get back to me to see if they are going to sort it out, will post on that seperately)

Any help or suggestions very welcome.



Norfolk, UK

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Hi Again Brian,

I too had this issue where it only cleared half of the passenger side. I had an accident whereby they replaced the windscreen as part of the claim and its been fine since.

It could be that the fillements that go through the glass are broken, and it may be that they will never work! Otherwise it could be the connector at the bottom of the windscreen, that passes the charge.

I think there is a connector on both the passenger side and the driver side. Not sure if this is just a wire and is soldered on, or is sort of like a crocodile clip, however if you can or an independant garage can get to these, you may find that you can resolve it by checking the wire, and reattaching it.

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Thanks for that and no I hadn't I will check that.


Again will look at that. Not sure if my insurance will cover a like for like replacement or if they would only fit a standard. I have read on forums that a lot insurers don't replace electic windscreens with a like for like!

Mind you given I only purchased it on Friday the dealer should sort it out, if its not something simple like the fuses!

Will post when I know what is wrong with it.

Thanks for help


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Hi Brian,

its worth a shot as to what they will go out of their way to do, is a different matter. I dont see why they shouldnt rectify the issue, but I would threaten to take your business elsewhere, that might kick them!

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