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Ouch, Hurt My Foot :'(


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Thought the interesting title may have brought you all in!

But this is nothing to be happy about, hit a HUGE pot hole the other day and it has wrecked my cars shoes! so now ive got to scrap

my nice and shiny £200 alloys that were discontinued over a year ago, so i cant buy another one !!! very very sad, just thought id remind you all to be careful !!

Thanks alot :) Connor !






P.S If anybody has an Inovit CTS 17" PCDX108 4 Stud alloy they dont want, give me a shout. Just thinking i dont have a very good chance of finding one haha !

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Surely you can write to your local council about this, as it is their job to keep roads safe, and their failure has caused damage to your beautiful alloys :(

My dad did something similar in our area, but when he complained to the council they paid the repair bill and filled the hole within 2 days!


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I heard on the radio today many motorists are suing councils for damage to their cars due to potholes. Don't know how true this is, and proving it could be difficult, but a call to them with a word about seeing a solicitor may get some compensation

I agree, its definetly worth writing to the council and seeing what they say and tell them you are going to seek legal advice etc.. they cannot deny that a pothole caused that damage i wouldnt have thought.

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Hey guys and thanks for the replies !

I did write an E-Mail to the council on how ridiculous this pot hole is and made it very clear i was upset and willing to do whatever to get a payout.

However, i did this at my place of work, which is a motorway services. They told me that because i did this on a service Road it was not their concern but the concern of the Highways Agency. Havnt replied since as i sort of came to the conclusion i wouldnt receive any sort of compensation from the Highways Agency :(


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