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2006 Focus 1.6 Fuel Pump Help?


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Morning all, i come here in search of help and knowledge to get my poor car back on the road.

There has been a problem for a while in getting my 06 reg focus 1.6 sport to start. though this hasnt happened for a while it has hit me this morning and my quick fix hasnt worked. when it first happened i thought it was a battery problem but i was told fuel wasnt getting through to the engine and it could possibly be the fuel pump either faulty or clogged up (apparently a common problem on these fords?)

i got roadside rescue out a couple of times to save me and it happened a few more times after that where all i had to do was get under the car and hit the fuel tank with a hammer (please dont judge me!) and it would start again. this would usually happen after i had just refueled or the tank was running low on petrol.

like i said i tried to do the hammer trick this morning while the gf turned the ignition but no luck. so my question is, is there anything i can do to get at the fuel pump to get it cleaned or replace it myself (car maintenance rookie here, though i do have a full set of tools) or would i need to get a pro to replace it which i've told could cost around £100 (main reason i've not had it fixed as yet)

any advice would be great, i will keep this window open all day to check whats been posted while i search for other help

Many thanks!

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Its always worth a try, the worst that can happen is you put the car back together, just dont pull anything too hard incase you cause additional damage.

Best thing to do is check the likes of youtube, some will record how they do things, and its a lot easier to know. I changed my breakpads recently, after watching a video, it can really help!

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