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Lowering Issue...advice Needed


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On Tuesday I had my beloved Fiesta lowered on the -35m H&R springs, very happy with the way it looks

However, and excuse the poor description, but I know little about cars so I'm hoping someone can share their knowledge if they have any ideas.

Basically I currently have a problem with the drivers side strut, when going over heavy bumps it makes a single banging like sound, excuse the poor description but that’s the best way to describe it

When test driving the car after the work was carried out, I brought this up at the garage who got it back up on the ramp and checked that the wheel nuts, the 3 top mount holding nuts, and checked underneath taking the weight of the front wheels to see if everything was secured, fine they told me, and I was there to see this been carried out

They said it could possibly just be the springs "bedding in" as the guy there put it, as effectively changing the springs is altering the whole of the chassis, and if it continued to take it back next week and they'd get it sorted

Has anybody else had any problem like this after lowering? As I find it hard to believe at the minute that this could be a bedding in process, especially considering that the passenger side strut, and the rear of the car are perfectly fine

If anybody has any advice it would be appreciated!

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Great to hear you've gone for the -35mm H&R springs, will look B) .

Sorry to hear about the problem you've got with the front strut. I had basically the total opposite of you.

I've got a lot of speed bumps to go over daily and just before the car was lowered I started getting a knock / slackness kind of sound when I went over most of the bumps. I did wonder about taking the car back to Ford to check out the suspension but didn't bother.

After the car got lowered on the -35mm H&R springs the car felt a lot more solid / stiffened up nicely with no more noise when going over the bumps. I put it down to something having slackened off a bit on the original springs.

Hope things work out OK in the end, sorry I'm not of any more help to you.

One thing you've got to do is get some pics up. B) :D


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hi im new to the forum, im lookin to buyu a fiesta ,ermm i also might fancy lowering it to fill the arches out :D just wondering if anyone had any links for cheap spring?? is it sensible to uprate the shocks ?? orr ?? im not familiar with ford just peugoet so i need some advice ahaha

cheers dan

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I got some brand new ones dan for sale eibach and dont void your warrenty let me know in the sale section

Only if ford fit them.

I honestly think this is top mount nut not tight enough. ...

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