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Ford Mondeo Mk3 Ghia X V6 2.5L

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Hi guys, I've had a bit of a problem for sometime now but have only just got round to sorting it out. For those of you who have a MK3 Mondeo 2.5 V6 i have a problem with the lack of power from my car. After doing hours of research from web pages, Forums and even Ford UK themselves i had to find out what the fault code P1519 actually was. (P1519: Intake Manifold Change Over Stick Shut)I'm not an expert on Mechanics but from what i can gather this is a common fault more so with the MK2's where the Swirl / Butterfly plates were sucked into the engines, That was before Mazda redeveloped the MK3, This however isn't the case with me. I have a realy loud air Wooooshing sound from the engine which in 3rd gear when i put my foot down on the accellerator sounds even louder. Where the car should boost in energy this does not happen. Also when overtaking a vehicle on the motorway it's either going to be a hit or a miss. 50/50 (Embarresing i know)

These are the possibilities i've found so far and have been told to save you searching the entire web for hours.

Check All Air Intake hoses for air leakage

Check Inlet Control Module is working (Ford reccommend 80% of the chance it's not and needs replacing)

Check Swirl / Butterfly Plates are working, if not well!

When i took my car to Ford in Rugby, Warwickshire it seemed like a job they didn't want to do due to it's difficulty level.

Can i do this myself if i feel confident enough or is it to be left to someone more experienced. Without it being to expensive?

What do i do? Please

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