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Hello And Some Fiesta Mk 6 Advice Please....


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:) Hello a previous Vauxhall man joining the blue oval gang.....

I ve bought a Fiesta Mk 6 ghia on an 07 plate.

I was after some advice regarding a couple of issues please.

The automatic electric folding mirrors on open/closing the doors are a good idea however the drivers side mirror folds in and clicks an extra 4-6 times as if its not closed enough when it has. I ve searched on the forums for previous problems of this and the results were a warranty job. Which does not apply to my motor.

The other issue Ive got is my rear heated window. It works fine apart from the top 2 heated lines in the window. Is this the sign of the entire window starting to fail or is there a quick solution???

Thanks for your views

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Not sure about the mirrors but the window may have been damaged when a previous dealers sticker has been pulled off, thats how my bottom two stopped working. No idea if they can be repaired to be honest. If you find a way, repost it please. Sorry im no help

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My passenger mirror was replaced under warranty when it did the exact same thing as your describing, unfortunately ive heard its a rather big bill to get it replaced outside of warrenty :/ you'll have to go in and see what they say!

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Thanks for your views....

The window problem is going to be the stealers sticker that was put up there. Saw some other rear window related posts and I thought about £30 was mentioned but that might be my optimism getting the better of me!!!

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