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P Reg 16V Ford Escort Hunting Help


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Hi Guys

I'm completely new to this forum, i have signed up for about a dozen forums trying to find a fix for a problem my ford has.

Basically on start up it hunts BADLY! It is most obvious when the engine is cold, for example pulling off my drive in the morning i put my foot on the gas, start pulling away then as soon as i lift of for any reason the engine dies.

I have taken it to my local garage and they couldn't work out what was wrong with it, they cleaned the throttle body and that seems to have reduced the problem but it is still there and is getting annoying

The car is a 1996 Ford Escort 16v 1.6

Can anyone suggest what could be the cause/solution? Is this a common problem with '96 escorts?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Yea, its at the very back of the engine under the throttle body and inlet manifold.

You can just about get to it from underneath without removing anything but its tight. It will be 2 8mm bolts (i think) and 1 plug. Remove it and clean it with carb cleaner and refit. DO NOT LOSE THE RUBBER GASKET. If the gasket looks perished replace it with a new one. Sometimes cleaning will not solve it and a new one is needed.

You can access it from the top but you have to remove the throttle body, but if you do it this way you may as well clean the throttle body too as this can sometimes causing the hunting.

Also there is a vaccum hose there too with a 90 degree bend on it and these can sometimes collapse while running causing the hunting issue.

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