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Picking Up New Fiesta Tuesday Hopefully

Gareth Mattey

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I'm new on here and just getting my first Ford.

The dealer said my car is due in on Monday and should be able to pick it up Tuesday.

Got the Pureguard so that will take a bit and then got to sort out my insurance and they have to register and tax etc..

Kind of wished i hadn't bothered with the Pureguard, cost £199 and heard its not as great as it sounds.

The model im getting is Fiesta Studio 59 1.25 petrol, only the basic model, mainly due to insurance costs.

Does this model tell you how many mpg you get? Or is that just on higher spec models like the Zetec.

If anyone else has a 1.25, what mpg do you get out of it?

Can't wait to pick it up.


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I paid for the Superguard protection on my fiesta which is probs the same as your Pure Guard. People told me not get it as it was a waste of money, but after the salesmen give his speech on how they can tell when buying cars back which have had the protection applied and which didn't I decided to just go for it. Wanted the paint work as shiny as possible. lol

Anyways, only 2 days til you get it now eh? Post plenty of pics once you take delievery! :)

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I Got the G3 glass coat on mine, it arrived in York late Monday night, and was ready Wednesday night, but hadn't been cleaned or coated, picked it up Thursday!

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