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Idle Speed/Air Control Valve


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Hey, sometimes my car cuts out like others does, at junctions etc. I have seen that one thing is to clean the Idle Speed Control Valve..

In my haynes manual, it says for the 1.25Si Zetec petrol, there is a Idle Air Control Valve, and an Idle Speed Control Valve in the diesel ones..

Everyone is saying that the 1.25 zetec (1998) has the speed one.. there isn't a pic in the haynes manual of my engine that is labelled however..

Anyone have any idea? If it's the air valve, does it need cleaning still? and is it as easy as the speed control valve?

I'm new here btw ;)

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Hi Patrick.

Welcome to FOC.:)

Im in the same boat as you. The Haynes manual does not show where it is on my 1.3 LX.

I was going to try and clean what i thought was the Valve, but it got dark, and i didn't want to break my car:(.

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Hey i have had similar problems with my 1.3i endura engine, cutting out that is. i didnt have a clue where it was even looking at my haynes manual but then i found it staring right back at me up by the injectors at the top of the engine.

Heres a link of what you are looking for and i would post pics of my one but i dont know how to.


Just hope the link works fine. if not let me know and i can email pics of mines on the engine.

a theory i have on this problem is getting more air into the air filter. i have a K&N induction kit and when i place the ducting behind the grill inbetween the lights i tihnk i get a better air flow and thus less stalling and cut outs from this rather irritating problem, but im no mechanic nor am i an engineer on these kind of things but it seems to work well for me.

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