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Front Fogs / Central Locking


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Hey all,

Basically I have two front fog lights, they are there physically, but on my dash where my lights are for turning on front/back, only the back turn on.. i'm going to take them out tomorrow cause there might not even be a bulb in there..

just wondering why though because the light comes on the dash, so it can't be the fuse..

also, does anyone know how difficult it is to get at the door lock cylinder? mines central locking and I can only really open from passenger side, as it's really stiff my side, any ideas?

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Just went to look at fogs, there looks to be something in there, like a bulb, but there is a white plastic thing over the end of it.

Not got a jack yet so cant jack it up to get at it, but its bugging me lol.

Unless tht clip is sposed to be there and it isnt wired properly i dunno

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I would have thought it would be a different swith for front and rear foglights as that is normally the case

Is there not another switch for the front fogs?

Yeah there is, but they don't come on.

Wondering if they aren't wired up properly.

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