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Led Parking Lights... Bad Idea?


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Hi Everyone,

I've just installed the Philips LED W5W lights as parking lights on my car (Titanium MK7 with projector type headlights).

I am very pleased with the way they look, but I am concerned that they might melt due to the heat from the main beam (H1) just behind them.

I have noticed that they go off after a while (about a minute) when the main beams are on. If you switch the main beam off, they remain off but they immediately turn back on when you switch the lights off and back on again. I don't suppose this is normal? I've never really taken notice with the standard lights.

My biggest concern is that they might melt and damage the wiring or worse, the light assembly itself. I can't imagine it being cheap to replace...

The website claims that they are "heat resistant", but I suppose that depends on the headlight's layout and how much heat it can handle before no longer being "resistant".

Does anybody have any experience with these or other LED lights as parking lights? Am I better off getting normal blue lights instead?

The main beams are OEM standard ones, in case that's relevant info. I've recently upgraded the dipped beams to Philips Xtreme Power ones.

Any advice appreciated.

PS: I know that the LED's are ever so slightly not road legal.

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Here are some comparison photos. The LEDs are obviously on the left. Excuse the condition of the car. It was pouring down at the time. At least it got to spend a couple of minutes in the garage :D. It has to sleep outside. Are there any other normal lights that I can use that will give a similar effect? LED_Parking_lights1.jpgLED_parking_lights2.jpg

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How very strange! We have just got our Nov 2010 Titanium and I have the high power headlight bulbs to fit( same as yours) and some led side lights too. I am waiting for a sunny day so I can carefully remove the headlights to fit them all. The headlights will not be a problem heat wise but I too wondered about the LED side lights maybe getting too hot. Does anyone know?

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Do not worry at all, ive had them fitted for nearly 4 months now and not one problem.

They are pretty far away from the dipped bulb so heat would not be an issue.

For the amount of heat sensibly needed to melt them they would have to be touching or litterally millimetres away from the dipped beam bulb for them to melt.


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Thanks for the replies everyone.

Just to clarify, I'm not worried about the heat from the LED Bulbs themselves, but the heat given off by the high beam behind them.

These LED lights give off hardly any heat at all and are cool to the touch even after being on for quite a while.

What worries me is that they switch off after a while when the main beams are turned on.

I've Googled it a bit more and found a few results where the main beams caused the LED Bulbs to fail after a couple of months.

One Lotus driver reported the same issue as I am having with the Philips LEDs - the lights overheat and turn off/dim. Once they cool down (when the mains are switched off) they turn back on again.

Either way, I'm going to replace them with these, just to be safe: Philips Blue Vision W5W

Just having some trouble finding them locally.

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Try them then mate. Ive had them fitted for about 4 months now.

Started with standard ford halogen dipped beam

Then went to philips diamond vision dipped beam (nice xenon colour but no usable light on roads)

Then went to a full 55w 5000k Xenon dipped beam kit.

With regards to main beam, i use country roads frequently and have high beam on for spells up to 10- 15 mins apart from dipping when a car is coming, and have never had a problem with them.

MTEC are quite expensive but you know your getting good quality.

Failing to go with LED i recomend these.



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Thanks again for the reply everyone.

I installed the Philips Blue Vision bulbs and I am fairly happy with them. They look nowhere near as good as the LEDs (especially during the day), but they look a lot better than the stock yellowish ones.

I installed the LEDs as number plate lights and although they look good, they STILL turn off/dim after they have been on for a while. I'll be replacing them with the Blue Visions too then.

NIce waste of $25 - at our local rip-off pricing. I haven't given up on LED's; I'll try another brand at least too. Thanks for the suggestions Liverpool-S.

I'll post a pic a bit later.

Unfortunately the car is in the auto shop for a day or two. I drove over a speed bump (which I obviously did not see :( ) on Friday and scraped the front lower spoiler. Not too bad, but still.

The car is very low with the Titanium body kit. In fact, nearly an inch lower than my C63 when it's in comfort suspension setting.

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