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Oks thats a good point and makes my orignal question a bit stupid LOL.

Reason i ask is i'm still trying to get a new 3 button key to work with my Fiesta.

Ive tried different combinations with turning the key from 0 - 2 and such to get the car into PATS and its not doing anythin.

Ive a feeling im gonna have to spend £80 and take the car and key to ford and get them to do it.

Does anyone live near sheffield who may have an idea? who can show me


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if you havent got a master key ten ford have to do it, i rememeber my bro having same problem it takes ford 5 minutes to do it shop around the different dealers as some charge 40 and some charge 80 odd depends where you go

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We supply and programme these £50 total.

No need to go to the dealer.

Hi, £50 isnt bad at all. but ive already got a 3 button key which is also cut. I just cant do anythin with it.

How are you able to program it ?

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