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Anyone Ever Had Halfords Hardwiring?


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So i just coughed up nearly 200 quid for a satnav that is incredibly hard to position in the MK7, the windscreen is at such an angle it cant effectively be fitted there, and there is no free space to mount it near the console.

So i was thinking about getting Halfords to hardwire the power for the satnav, they do it for a 50quid charge and it frees up your power outlet for your phone charger, anyone had this done as i was wondering if it would devalue or damage the car in anyway.

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Wow this looks awsome, xactly what i wanted, how did you wire it in yourself? i have never done any wiring in a car before but plenty in the home.

Can't answer this myself as it's my Dad that does all the work :P (he installs handsfree car kits & the like)

All I know is that he wired in another cig lighter socket behind the dash then connected the sat nav charger to it.

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whatever you do, do not just cut off the 12v plug and wire into the car, most sat nav units do not take 12 volts and its the plug that reduces the voltage to whats required by the unit. as the earlier post said its best to wire in an extra 12volt socket and then plug your charger cable into it. if you did not to hard wire it you could look at a dash pad for mounting the satnav.


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