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Gearbox Oil Change


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You know what I think of Fords Servicing Schedule or lack of it. My 1.4Tdci 10 Plate has covered 40k now and Ford tell me that the gearbox is a "sealed for life" box.

The problem is no oil lasts forever and although we run the new Ford Spec Castrol SMX S 75w-85 Fully Synthetic GL1-4 oils, by the way soon to become Castrol Syntrans Multivehicle 75W 90. I'd like to change it for peace of mind.

I've read in this Forum that you can change it thro the "reversing light switch" if so 1) How and 2) With what do you change it and 3) How much can you get out

Thanks for your help

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Thanks for that. I somehow had an inkling that I'd need something like that.

Can I ask is the reverse switch hiding under the plastic cover where the gear linkages go in.

I assume when I get it in the air, its a matter of looking for the switch with a couple of wires to it.

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Just been out and checked as I had it on the ramps. And lo and behold there is the filler plug and found the reverse switch so that will be the next job.

Thanks for all your help chaps.

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