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Ford 4500 Rds Radio Problem


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Hi All

We have a Ford Fiesta 2002 with the 4500 RDS E.O.N radio and i fitted an IO Play kit to it for music streaming and the IO Play kit seems to have problems connecting to the phones and the control unit seems dodgy, anyway this isn't my main issue, but the IO Play is crap.

Sometimes the power seems to be cut from the radio, without the battery being disconnected and then you have to input the radio code, which i have and i have checked it with Ford. Anyway the other day it happened again and I have now attempted to input the radio code and when you press no. 5 to confirm, the radio just turns off. The radio was a nightmare to get to the back of to fit the SOT Lead required for the IO Play. I have managed to get behind without removing the radio and removed the IO Play and connected the ISO connectors on the SOT Lead together, but still turns off when i press 5 to confirm.

To remove the SOT Lead I need to take the radio out and even though i followed instructions from someone from this forum, it was hard to do and really tight when removing the heating controls and reconnecting them, so i don't want to try it again, just incase i cause damage to the heating controls.

I would have thought if it was a power problem, then the radio wouldn't come on so i'm wondering if the radio has a fault??

Any help wopuld be greatly appreciated, unfortunately it's my wifes car and she doesn't want an aftermarket radio, so to be able to play my phone or ipod i need a bluetooth music streaming kit back in, once i've sorted the radio problem.



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