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New Mountune Gear For Mk 7 134Ps

Chris Ecc

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Mountune just put up some new stuff, they seem to be selling them as specific to the 134PS version although for example in the sport pack the high flow pipe and air filter are the same as in my standard zs (120). Anyway link if anybody is interested; http://www.mountunestore.com/Browse/MountunePerformance/Fiesta-Mk7-1-6-Ti-VCT--134PS

Edit: Anybody know what ford have done to make it 134PS? Revised Airbox?

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What your going to chop in your 120ps mk7 for an extra 12ps, some heated seats and some stripes?

May as well get yours mountuned mate, will be faster and sound better. Go all out and get the 155kit with Cams :D

Or just modify yours. Im running 130bhp in mine now and getting the manifold and sports cat end of the month before the fast show.

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I'm going to the Geneva motorshow on Sunday. I'll post some pics of the 134 on Sun night if anyone wants to see them. Will try and get under the bonnet too if it's not behind a barrier or on a rotating stand.

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There was about a million people flocking around the Ford stand so I only managed to get a photo of the exhaust... but then that's the only noticeable difference anyway.


This on the other hand looks incredible...



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