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Car Pulls To The Right


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ive noticed the car starts pulling to the right when i brake it happends when im slowing down for a high speed also i can smell burning and the front passenger wheel is very hot ive had new brake pads put in

i reckon you need to revisit the brakes mate.if your passenger side is getting very hot then you will get brake fade from that wheel and normal braking from the drivers side. you need to check if the brakes are binding on, on the passenger side, if they are then the pads and disc will overheat, boiling the brake fluid in the caliper and inducing the fade. strip out the passenger side brakes, you will need to replace the pads, check the disc runout in case it has warped under the heat and ensure the caliper is releasing properly and not binding the pads to the disc. you mention you had the pads replaced, return it to them and get them to sort it asap!

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