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If You're Ever Asked For The 'official Type Designantion'


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Good Afternoon All

I'm planning on changing my factory seats to something aftermarket, anyway Recaro asked me what the 'Official Type Designantion' is for the car, I didn't have a clue what they're talking about, I called my local Ford dealer hoping someone there will know the answer, sadly no one has ever heard of that phrase.

I called Puma Speed and they fortunately knew what I was talking about, just in case theres any Mk7 Fiesta owners out there, the OTD for our car is 'JA8' - please dont ask me who created this or how it all came about but Puma Speed tell me the OTD for the 2002 ST models is 'JH1'

I thought this might be useful information to some peeps, its relevant just in case you're ever changing bits to do with suspension, chassis, interior etc.

Thank you

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