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Hi everyone,

I've seen a trip computer unit for a mk1 focus which replaces the little cubbie hole to the left of the steering wheel. I've also got an 'info' stalk (for a Mondeo) and I'm just wondering if I could but this part and get it installed into my Focus.

I have a LX model - any help appreciated.


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I've done this on my 1.8 Zetec and have full fitting instructions in a .pdf file (cost me £1.50 off fleabay) if you pm me your email address I can send them to you. Basically the first thing you need to do is check behind the dash cluster/centre air vent that you have the wiring loom installed. I cant remember whether the LX would have had this.

If you have the wiring loom then its a piece of cake to install mate and a very nice upgrade.

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All you need then is the trip computer itself and the cluster surround with the hole instead of the cubby tray. Like I say though, Check you have the wiring before you spend your cash. Also be aware that without the screenwash sensor or the temp' sensor installed the warning lights for these will constantly be lit on the trip computer.

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