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Fiesta Gear Change


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Morning all,

I have a 1999 1.3 Fiesta. Whilst returning from a journey last night, I started to have problems with selecting gears. The gear lever felt a little mushy. I really had to push it to the left to select 1st and 2nd and pull it to the right for the others. It went from a very slick gearchange to one I remember from a 5 speed Allegro.

I think there must be problems with the selector-I had a quick look at the base of the gearlever, but that bush seemed ok.

Is there anything I should look for under the car?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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I had the same problem with my Mk7.

It turned out to be the cable which eventually snapped leaving me in neutral fortunately.

I ended up being off the road for 3 weeks. I would check where the cable enters the box as this seems to be the place they go.

Hope this helps

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Yep, I used to have a mk4 astra 2.0L Gsi, and the box felt really crappy on the way to work (Bare in mind that on the Gsi's the gearbox was as tight as a nuns...), anyway, pulled onto the Alderley Edge duel carrigeway and floored it. Then BANG. Onto the hard shoulder, only my problem was, was that I was left in 3rd!

Had to spend about £200 recovering it and it wasn't a cheap job to fix.

It turned out that it was the Cable's and Linkages, as mentioned above.

Get it fixed before it's too late mate, consult your local mechanic!

Best of Luck :rolleyes:

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Thanks-I'll give my friend a ring -he's a mechanic.

I had a look underneath last night by torchlight and the system is rod-operated-I couldn't see the base of the lever as it was covered by the heatshield.

I'll keep you informed.


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