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Model 6000Cd Audio Problem

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Hi, I have an 03 Focus with the above model of cd/radio. It has always worked perfectly well but when I got in it today and turned on the radio it just said CODE. Having found my manual and keycode I duly followed the instruction and entered this code, the display very briefly showed FM 96.0 though it was not lit up then went straight back to CODE which was lit up. I have re-entered the keycode several time but still get the same. CAN ANYONE SHED ANY LIGHT ON THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Does the screen go off at all before it goes into CODE ? It could be a bad connection to the battery, as I think if you disconnect the power at all, it will then lose its memory and reset back to CODE...

Otherwise it could be a faulty head unit, and depending how you wanted to go, you may find it quicker, cheaper and easier to buy an aftermarket stereo kit

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