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Focus C-Max

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Hi guys,

This is my first post so here I go.

I have a 2L TDCI 2005 C Max which has covered 65k. I only bought it about six weeks ago. At first all appeared well because the car it replaced was a shed, however I think I can hear a noise that worries me. Before you all say read previous posts, I have but just want to clarify some things if anyone could spare a few minutes.

Only when overnight cold and then start the engine it's a bit noisey and the engine hunts for about 2 or 3 minutes no more, never stalls and has very good economy. Has had knew cam sensor, fuel filter etc, MAF.

The noise does not change if you depress the clutch at all.

The clutch operates as normal no problems.

Once warm the noise appears to go away.

If you turn the engine off with the car in neutral you can hear a slight rattle coming from the DMF area.

If you turn the engine off with the clutch pedal depressed there is no noise at all.

I took it back to where I bought it who stated that as it does not tap when warm on tick over its not the DMF.

They state that the rattle on shut down is normal where cars have a DMF as the parts move a little.

I know it will cost £900 to change (which I wont be paying) but can I have your views? (I accept the hunting issue may be not linked)

Thanks all.

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