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Bonnet Open On Dash Display

ian b

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Hi new to the forum, ihave a problem with my 56 plate s-max the dash display tells me the bonnet is open, trust me its not. i would welcome any suggestion. ihave tried the plug at the bottom of the bonnet latch that looks ok, i have also tested for power supply none there, ihave tried looking for the fuse cant find it,please help.,

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Possibly the switch itself has failed or there's an issue with the wiring?

You can probably test the wiring out by disconnecting the plug from the bonnet switch and putting a piece of wire across the terminals - if the message clears then the switch is faulty or not being triggered as normal. If the message stays on the cluster then maybe the wiring somewhere has got damaged.

I'm assuming here that the switch is a simple open/closed contact - don't have access to a wiring diagram right now to double check that.

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