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£££ Diesel £££

kevin lancelott

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I brimmed my tank tonight.1.6 TDCI.The pump clicked off at £50.70p 36.50 litres.The tank holds 45 litres so I had 9.5 left and the computer said 10 miles left till empty so not far out.So to fill a fiestas 45 tank from empty would be just over £60.OUCH. :o

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As above - it's a 40l tank and 42l for petrol.

I filled up today - 34.96l @ 141.9p/l = £49.61 (this was for Shell V-Power diesel but there is a BP in Northampton selling normal diesel for 141.9p/l also!)

Got 450 miles which works out at 58.7mpg - well chuffed with that =D

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Forgot to mention diesel was £1.38 from Esso garage.

Well that's not bad at all considering the mileage you get, petrol is almost £1.30 here...I know which one I'd choose.

EDIT: Just been to the garage, petrol is now £1.32 :(

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