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Quick - Steel Spare Wheel


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I have a quick question!

Got a puncture today :angry: and had to use the spare wheel to get me home, but the car book says not to use the alloy wheel nut bolty things :lol: with a steel wheel, but that's all I have! Ford never supplied any wheel nuts to accompany the steel spare, should they have?? if not where can I get a set for future use?

I'm also gonna need a replacement alloy for a Fiesta Titanium 15 spoke, but my local ford dealer are wanting £160 for 1, but I've saw online places what do them cheaper, so I'm wondering if anybody has any recommendations of any online ford genuine part places.

Many thanks

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How come you're needing to replace the whole alloy for a puncture?

Anyway, here's 2 I know:

http://www.fordpartsuk.com <- Used these to buy a paint stick after I scuffed my mum's wheel arch on a big rock in the pitch black! It arrived quickly and was as described, and much cheaper than ford.

http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk Haven't used these, but they look professional enough, and cheaper on many items than the first link.


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I might be replacing the alloy as I was told it had a 'slight' buckle, but was then told "don't worry, it's not bad" so it could be a result of today's 'puncture' although there is no obvious damage to the tyre, nails etc, and the tyre has been re-inflated and remains with the correct pressure, but time will tell, I spose once it goes back on the car, weight of the car etc, IF it goes back on, cause tbh, I'd rather just replace than have the inconvienience of a flat tyre, and being a woman! :lol: But I will take it to a tyre place to see first.

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