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Mk5 Fuel Countdown - Change To View Clock By Default


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Hi All

First post! I did a search but didn't see this answered, sorry if I've missed it.

I've recently bought a 57 plate Fiesta Style 1.4 TDCI. It's my third car and my third fiesta. My first was an '89 1.1 MK2 which taught me a LOT about cars, then a 2000 Finesse 1.8 TDI which I loved, and now I'm getting used to the 1.4 TDCI engine on the Style :)

There is a digital display on the dash with a fuel countdown. You press a button and it shows the time but only while the button is pushed down. Since replacing the car stereo I've lost the clock function from the old Ford 5000 CD head unit. Is it possible to change the display on the dash to show the clock and press the button to view the fuel countdown? I find myself wanting to know the time much more than how many miles I have left in the tank.

If not has anyone found a good dashboard clock that fits nicely in this model of fiesta?


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