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Fitting A Cusco Strut Brace To A Mk7 Fiesta


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Good evening, I purchased a Cusco strut brace for my mk7 Fez and got my mechanic to try and fit it today - what a nightmare! Its not as straight forward as I thought. The plastic that sits in-between the engine and cabin (cant think of the technical name) gets in the way, I've taken a picture of the problem but cant figure out how to upload it to this thread. Has anyone else fitted a Cusco strut brace to their mk7? What do I need to do to get it to fit, any advice will be really appreciated.

Thank you

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You have to cut two windows in the scuttle panel, best thing to do is offer up the strut brace and place/mount it as best as possible. Then mark the scuttle panel with something like tippex where the two vertical sections(one each side) on the braces turret plates hit the scuttle panel. Remove said panel and cut a window out to accommodate the two vertical sections of the turret plates.

Hope that helps.

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