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ive recently got a 2011 ford focus with a 1.6 petrol engine, the 1 before the new ecoboost. ive noticed that when i start it up i can hear a small click and after made a minute or so i hear another click and then my engine temp gauge shoots up from 0 to half way just like normal. does any1 know anything about this is it a problem or is it normal......

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I dont normally hear a click unless the aircon is on. You do get a noise when you first set off and get up to 12mph when the ABS system kicks in.

The temp does shoot up to half way very quickly. I normally only get half a mile down the road from cold before it reaches temperature. Its meant to as it helps with the fuel economy.

With regards to the two clicks I doubt if there is anything wrong, its probably a relay or solenoid adjusting.

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