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Require Help On Pricing Car?


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I'm about to advertise (or trade-in) my Zetec S - I really need something a little bigger with 5 doors. Any idea as to how much I should advertise it for? Forecourt prices seem to vary enormously.

1.6 Ti-VCT Zetec S, Vision blue, blue interior: extras: bluetooth, usb, street pack (17" alloys + body kit), spare wheel.

Aug 2010 (8 month old) '10 plate, 3300 miles


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I asked at the local Ford dealers for a trade-in price (White Zetecs S similar spec to yours 09 plate 11,000 miles) was offered £8,500.

Probably better to sell privately but that all takes time and money. You could try Auto trader? I did once before for 2 weeks, only got one call, then again they did buy the car.

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I bought my 59 plate towards the end of 2010, It was similar spec as yours, without BT/USB. 6,000 miles. I was happy to pay £10,000 for that.

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