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Juddering When Driving..


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Good evening all,

I've had a problem with my car the last few days & it seems to be getting progressivly worse.

When I start the engine, put it into first gear & start driving, the car starts juddering as if I'm not putting enough pressue on the accelerator.

I get to 15mph & proceed to change to 2nd gear, it judders more until I get to 30, change to 3rd, it judders again & contunues to do this up through the gears...

It does the same in 4th & 5th, even at speeds of 60-70-80mph...

This problem only happened in 2nd gear first of all but now seems to have found its way into all the gears..

Engine is in perfect condition (as far as I know), I've never had any real problems with the car before. She runs like a dream usually.

The feeling is the exact same feeling as if the cars about the stall.. Like that chugging kinda feeling.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for your time.

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Hi again,

I've had the car looked at by the garage... They said the coil pack is knackered, so they've changed it & shes running like a dream again.

Hopefully this can help anyone else whos experiencing this problem.


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