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De-Badging, Help!


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I de-badged my previous car (a Clio) and am looking to do the same to my Fiesta soon too.

How to go about it depends if the badge is held on by pins or glue. If it's held on with pins then the resulting holes from removing it would need filled, however since it seems quite a few people seem to have de-badged their cars I'm assuming it is just glued on.

For my previous car I de-badged it as follows:

1) Heat the badge with a hair dryer to soften the glue (but not too much that it will damage the paint).

2) Use dental floss and run it behind the badge to slowly peel it away.

3) This will most probably leave a glue residue on the paint, so peel as much off by hand as possible.

4) Wipe over the area using a damp cloth and then a tar remover. This should remove the majority of the remaining glue.

5) In my case the last time I did this there was still slight marks left on the paintwork so I used T-Cut on the area and this got rid of any remaining marks.

I'm a bit of a perfectionist and so after this I also polished the boot to leave a totally flawless finish.

As I say this was for a Clio so maybe wait until someone who's done this on a Fiesta before going ahead, but I hope this is helpful :)

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i just took off my FOCUS, ZETEC and TDCI badge off... i used a flat head screwdriver with masking tape around the end to stop stratches, my fingers to pick the remaining glue, t-cut metalic to remove the residue etc and a good old car wash...worked a treat.

didnt need to use a heat gun they just pull off. i beleive the only ones with screws are the actual ford badges.

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Its really easy on the mk7's the glue thats held on doesnt really stick to the paint work unless you fishing wire the badge off and leave the glue in place. I found it easier to heat it up with hairdryer for 30sec-1min and use my bank car to pull all of it away, bank card isnt going to scratch paint work. I was left with very little residue, just dirt, Get a wet cloth, maybe a dab of shampoo, give it a quick clean, then i got some AG Tar/Bug Remover on it and it came up as new like they were never there. I was afraid there would be telltale marks but there wasnt.

Heres from another forum Im on.

How it looked.


Take one 2010 Fiesta

One Extenstion Cord

One Hairdryer

One Halifax Bank Card

Two Cloths(one for water and shampoo,one for tar remover)

Add 15mins of your time

and the result is:




Hoep this helps

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