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Need Help Identifying/ Sourcing A Part


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Hi all

I'm hoping someone can help me here. I have an 03 Fiesta 1.4lx. An interior panel that sits against the central console in the passengers foot well was removed by the test centre when I took the car for an MOT. I didn't notice when first driving away but they'd managed to break the clips so the panel no longer sits in place. I've been trying to source a replacement on kine but am not sure how to describe it. I did find what seems to be some form of part number on the item but when I search for it the only place I can find it is on eBay in Germany..... :huh: I can't seem to be able to find anyone in the UK where I can buy it from. The link to the site is as follows so you can see what I am talking about:


I don't really want to bid on this and hope I can get this in the UK. Does any ind people out there have any suggestions for me?

Many thanks

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I can get you one for £20 delivered.

Hi dLockers, Screamer

Apologies to you both for not coming back sooner. A mixture of work, family matters and Easter means I'd forgotten to check back sooner. In terms of a scrapyard I'm sure there are options in my area but with work and then running around at weekends with the kids the challenge is finding the time(probably sounds a little lame but there you go...)

As for being able to get one to me for £20 I'd like to take you up on the offer dLockers if it is still there. What's the best way to progress?


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