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Hi guys

I have a 1.6 titanium S spec and want a little bit of power, but haven't really got enough to get the 140 kit from mountune. I was thinking about getting the mountune cat back exhaust, but not sure what induction to use. What sort of extra power would that give???


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Ive got a J1 induction Kit and a Milltek Cat Back.(The dyno graph on the site is my cars dyno graph)

I would highly reccomend the J1. I came across the comapany and as my ca had been recently Rolling Roaded Offered them to put the kit on my car and re-rolling road it.

I have a project thread on ZSOC.com that has full pics and details.

Well we tested it out on the rollers and it was impressive sounds great on full throttle and growls. My car originally had a cat back and a k&n filter and pulled a good 126bhp start of September. We had it on rollers again before putting the J1 induction kit and hose on the car' date=' again it pulled 126bhp. After the mod it did an impressive 129.9bhp and 130bhp. Remember that my car has a k&n filter, So its beaten the big guys who Have been in the lime light for a long time. This was also with the Ecu not having any time to adapt and learn to change its timing etc. Torque improved substantially as well where it used to drop off after around 5200rpm it kept high until redline. I'm on my phone at the moment so will give you a full review once I've had some more drives with it and also once I have the print outs in front of me.

The kit is very well made, better than I was expecting, bigger too. I'll upload pictures soon as. Definitely a quality product. Fitted perfect and did take about 5mins to install.

Great kit Tony and J1 automotive have designed that is 3bhp better than the "daddy's" k&n and over 5bhp better than standard.


Since my testing The j1 kit has really taken off and a lot of members of ZSOC have got them and are all very impressed.

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that induction kit is stunning... i would love do stuff like that to mine :( but its abit pointless going full blown on an induction and exhaust on a 1.25 5 door zetec :( dam insurance!

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Considering the standard Zetec S does 60 in in 9.7 secs and the Mountune does it in 8.9 secs, is it really worth spending any money on trying to make the Fiesta any faster. Probably better off putting the money to a faster car full stop.

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I am one of these people that enjoys spending money and changing a perfectly good car. My car is my hobby.

Gain of around 3bhp on the 1.25 so yeah, not really worth it. Does sound good though :)few sound checks for yah Nico :P

Do excuse the camera "work" I was just hanging it from my hand.



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