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Somone Backed Into My Car...


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But its not BAD bad, the bumper is still fully intact and on teh car, the the side where the plastic arch meets the metal panel popped alittle seems to have pop back with my hand, tho some of the under arch black stuff looks to have popout of place but just very little.

THe most work is the paint work..its one of those glanceing scraps..looks to be mostly paintwork, my question is can those kinda like scraps be smoothed out with someone good on body work and touched up?..

The guy came into my work (he works in teh same place) and admitted it to me, so wasnt angry, he couldhave jsut walked away, dont wnat to have to get a new bumper, its seems superfical, but dont want "grooves" to be painted over.

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hello strutter,

my 57 plate zetec s bumpers were the same, they would pop out and could just be pushed back in. Quailty build there ford!

In regards to the damage, although the bloke could have walked off he didn't and in today's society he is probably in a minority. If the damage is fixable at a local bodyshop with buffing etc i would give him the bill. Explain to him that you could have gone through insurance companies etc and that it would cost much more that way, for him at least!

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No he asked he would like not to go thru the insurence, I have no problem with that, he gave me his mobile and I know him about work anyways, have a chat if out for a smoke etc, took a look at it again and it seems fine, just the pint is scratched down to teh black plastic, but no griives in it etc.

Actually the fact that the bumpers are SO flexable I think might have saved it from anymore damage.

Like you say, fair play to him, sitting having sommin to eat, asked if it was my car, admitted to it and jsut asked for the bill.

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