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Fusion 2 Key Programing

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Hi all. I've just bought a second hand fusion 2 that only came with one key. The key works the central locking if I turn the key in the lock but not by remote. I checked the battery and found the battery was missing. I have put a new battery in the key but it still wont work. I was wondering if I need to get the key reprogrammed or something? Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Many thanks, Paul.

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Never mind, I've found out myself. just in case anyone else needs to know, here's how.

1:- Sit in your car with all the doors closed.

2:- Switch the ignition on and off 4 times within 6 seconds, you should then hear a warning bleep.

3:- Press and release any button on the remote, you should then hear a conformation bleep.

4:- Switch the ignition to the on position. That's it, your fob should now work to open and close the doors.

Hope this is of some use to someone


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