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Ford Have Changed The 16" Titanium Alloys...


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I just noticed that brand new 2011 Titaniums have a different style of 15-spoke alloy fitted:

Previous alloy:



2011 alloy:



Secret admission of the original wheels being poor quality?

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I Rang A local dealer to me and posed the question "how come the fiesta titanium has a new style of alloy? They said it was to refresh the look of the car.

I Then said was there something wrong with the old alloy wheels they then repeated "It was to refresh the look of the car"

It was as if they read from a script that ford had prepared.

I then rang ford relationship centre.

I asked the same questions they said exactly the same answer apart from "we have had no problems with the old style alloy it was purely to refresh the look of the car"



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I agree Kevin. Sounds fishy.


You guys are way too suspicious :lol: I've driven every style of Fiesta apart from Mk1 & Mk4 and I know that Ford do make small interior & exterior changes along the way. My relative at Ford tells me that the 2012 Fiesta will have different headlights (like the ones I've seen on other new cars) and I guess a few other changes too

BTW, the hole under the stereo on my 2011 fiesta is smaller than the 2010 version so I can't fit my Sat Nav in there now :angry: but it does have a nice illuminated light which I didn't have on last Fiesta.

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it actually states in the fiesta eBrochure on page 19 that from "late 2010 onwards" the Titanium standard alloys are different! I wondered why they changed before I heard of the buckled wheels issue on here

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I came across this YouTube vid on the Ford Of Europe channel about pothole testing - mentions how pothole testing is for new cars/wheels and for improving current ones:

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