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Hi Guys,

This !Removed! fiesta purchase is aching my balls!

Ford dealers cant make up their minds on prices and availability, ive got around 4-5 dealers fighting over my deal and then when im going for the kill they backing off and claiming such deals dont exist.

I got the above in Frozen white, debadged.. 500 deposit with Ford putting other 500 in, doing 18k over two years PCP option.. I being quoted £345ish.

Does anybody know any places where deals can be obtained cheaper.. ?

Also today, Scirocco comes available at £350 a month?.. with a £1000 deposit, business lease.. Scirocco wins hands down yeah? value for money??

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If you don't have a car to part ex then check out Drive The Deal, I think the price on there is around £13K. Even if you don't buy it through them you can still print out the quote and use it to negotiate with the dealers.

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Try motorpoint if there's one within reach, They usually do pretty good deals, with flexible finance options.

Scirocco definitely beats fiesta hands down. *hides*

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