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Stolen key fob - what do I need to replace?

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I had the misfortune to have my car keys for my 52 reg Fiesta stolen from me this weekend. It was not far from where I lived, and if the thief was half interested he could probably find my car by pointing the key fob around the street. I've moved my car to a friend's house for the meanwhile, but I need to get sorted soon this week.

I'm a bit confused as to what work needs to be done. I still have the valet key (which doesn't have the remote control, but still opens the doors and starts the engine). Basically, all I want is that:

1) The stolen key won't open my car or be able to start the engine

2) I have a key fob and valet key which WILL open and start my car

I've had mixed reports on what amount of work needs done. I was hoping that Ford would be able to change which fob the car responds to, and then give me a new set of keys, thus meaning that the crim wouldn't get anywhere with my car.

However, one service dept said that if I changed the key fob, the tea leaf would still be able to get into my car, just not start the engine. I don't quite understand this! Can all Ford keys open other Ford cars? I know the key shape on both the valet and fob keys are similar to my mate's car, but that doesn't mean I can open the door surely? That garage recommended changing the whole lock set (at £300 plus labour and vat!)

I'm just looking for a bit of clarity on what work needs to be done. Can anyone help?

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Hi, Dont listen to this Garage you have been to they obvioulsy dont no what there talking about, all you need to do is take the car in to your local Ford garage and get a new key cut and programmed into the vehicle.

When you get the new key programmed you will need to take your valet key with you, as only keys that are prgrammed at the time as the new one will work. The key that you have lost will not work the locking or the car itself.

Hope this helps :D

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to be 100% safe you will need to change the locks and have new key fobs with a new frequency programmed into the ecu. just getting a new fob will still enable access with the old key mecanically.

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Right hers hat i would tell you if u rang me at renault bearing in mind im about to quote renault prices not ford ones

yep u need your

v5c log book

a form of photo id driving licence or passport

two recent utility bills or a bill that matchs the address on the log book

you must be the registered keeper of the vehicle for us to sell you a new key if however you cant make it we need a letter written by yourself stating that mr jones for example is coming down to order you a key and u have authorised him to

it will take 5- 10 working days to get here

and there will then be a £69.95 charge to program your key to your vehicle

bearing in mind u have just shelled out 120 quid ot parts then anthor 70 quid daylight robbery i know i have moaned but they wont pur price down

then for a new set of locks say it was a standard clio a cb0a or a bb0c <<----just model codes for rough 2000-2002 it be about £232 for lock set then about £100 labour so all in all your looking at

£roughly 170 inc vat for key i key only

70 to program in vat

£350 to do locks

About £600

a ridiculous price to be honest see if you can get insurance to pay out and what they mean they can re code key eyah no worries but problem is all keys have the biggest security flaw ever a blade so they could shove that in the lock and hey presto i just broke into ur car for example not problem for me to put it on a truck now and move it or drag it thats the sort of things that happen to people so there u have it a very expensive price for some idiot at work doing there job best claiming our !Removed! tax paying money and then stealing ur car keys

sorry to sound a bummer but soemtimes keys cost this price

but ford maybe able to sort u out some discount just ask


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